Version 1.4.7

The Network-I suite contains the following main programs:
niftap Network Interface Tap - Captures network packets to a log file, and/or records traffic rates.
nifpan Network Interface Packet Analyser - Analyses niftap log files, and displays packet contents.
nifwin Graphically displays bandwidth usage in real-time, on local and remote network interfaces.
nifretx Analyses Network-I log files, and reports TCP retransmissions.
nifxref Processes Network-I log files captured on two different systems, to cross-reference different views of the same traffic.
nifmerge Merges multiple niftap log files together, to produce a single log file, in which all packets are sorted by timestamp.
nif_import Converts foreign log files (eg. Tcpdump and Snoop) into Network-I format so that nifpan can be used to analyse them.

Collectively, these programs provide a variety of features: Network-I can still be useful, when used in concert with other facilities that might appear to make it unecessary, eg. web servers are capable of logging all hits, and you can then work out how many hits you got over a period of one day, one week etc. What they cannot do is report the peaks reached by web traffic, in terms of packets or bytes per second. Network-I can, enabling you to tell if any elements of your network are saturated at peak times, and need more bandwidth.
Additionally, web servers only report their own statistics. If you are running several of them, Network-I can be used to obtain a more comprehensive view of the total web traffic.



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