5 - Logging

This chapter ties together references to all the logging-related config settings documented elsewhere.

5.1 - Trace Logs

This is the most general type of logging, and provides general info, progress and error messages of varying (and configurable) verbosity from within the mailserver.
Logger messages are tagged with their severity level (Error, Warning, Info, Trace, etc) and if you were looking for indications of a problem, this is where you would start.
Mailismus logging is performed by the GreyLog framework, which is described here.

The following trace logs are generated by Mailismus:

You should examine the Dispatcher logfiles on startup whenever you modify the config, as they display the final settings and can confirm that the config was parsed as expected.

5.2 - Transcripts

Whereas the logfiles provide an internal application-oriented view of what's going on, the transcripts record the protocol dialogue, and so they provide an external functional view.
They can therefore be evaluated by somebody who understands the relevant protocol (SMTP, IMAP or POP3), but doesn't necessarily have any knowledge of how Mailismus works.

The following transcripts can be logged by Mailismus:

The initial Mailismus settings will put these transcripts in the directory %DIRLOG%/transcripts.
Transcripts can generate huge volumes of data, and you would normally only enable them when you're troubleshooting suspected protocol issues, or want to get a snapshot of the some typical SMTP traffic after making a config change.

5.3 - Audit Logs

These provide a formal record of all SMTP messages handled by the Mailismus MTA, and contain one line per message summarising its final outcome.
Unlike the ephemeral troubleshooting-oriented nature of the trace logs and transcripts, the audit logs are intended to be suitable for permanent archival, and if necessary to satisfy legal record-keeping requirements.

The following instances of this logfile are generated by Mailismus:

The initial Mailismus settings will put these logs under %DIRLOG%/audit.