1 - Introduction

Welcome to Mailismus!
Mailismus is a full-function mailserver, comprising MTA functionality (SMTP-based message interchange) and an integrated MS (ie. mailboxes for hosted users) which can be accessed via the standard IMAP and POP3 protocols.

Mailismus is an open-source cross-platform product, based on the freely available Java runtime environment.
The source code is hosted on GitHub, at https://github.com/greysoft/mailismus

This is the product's reference documentation, so see home page for overview.

1.1 - Intended Audience

You should have a good understanding of the principles of email and DNS, and the role of the mail server.

You should have a basic knowledge of how to administer the underlying OS platform (be it Windows or Unix).

No programming knowledge is required.

1.2 - Mailismus Components

The following names will come up in this guide:

Mailismus is a Java application, and can therefore run on any platform for which a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) exists, which means virtually all platforms.

1.3 - How To Use This Guide

If you have just downloaded Mailismus, start with the Installation section (§2), and follow the instructions there for your platform.

Next, you should go through the main reference chapter, §4.
You can skim the NAF Guide (section §3), but you should rarely have to delve into NAF configuration, whereas section §4 it is the basis for all Mailismus capabilities.

The remaining chapters tie together the reference sections to provide a functional summary of selected topics.

Although Mailismus offers a plethora of configuration options, the initial config files that ship with the installer are designed to enable Mailismus to successfully start up with basic send/receive functionality, with minimal config changes (in fact in most cases, with no config changes).

In the event of any problems, Chapter §5 (Logging) should be your first port of call, and it will in turn refer you on to the appropriate areas.