Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Mailismus won't start up. The log files claim it failed to find a licence.

n/a - Mailismus is now free and open source and no longer requires a licence file.

Q2: How do I route all outbound email via my ISP?

Like any SMTP server, Mailismus can of course send messages directly to their final recipient, but for various reasons (eg. company policy, or the fact that connections from your retail IP block might score lower on some spam filters than connections from a backbone ISP) you may wish to funnel all outbound email via a single point.
This can be configured via the /mailserver/mta/deliver/relays block in the mailismus.xml config file, which is documented in section §4.5.4 of the Admin Guide.

Say your ISP has advertised as the outgoing SMTP relay, you would configure it as follows:

    <relay address=""/>

As explained in section §4.5.4, you can have multiple relay entries, which specify relays for particular destination domains, but an entry with no destdomains attribute (as above) acts as the default relay for all other domains - or as in the example above, the only relay.
Section §4.5.4 also explains how you can enable SMTP-Authentication and/or SSL on a per-relay basis.